Saturday, September 14, 2013

Teasers/ Quotes from a few our books.

The Assassin Journals: Hunter by S.L. Partington

My favorite Lyrian waitress sauntered over to my table. The Lyrians are a feline people, and Kayla was one very pretty kitty. Dressed in tight red leather cut to accommodate her three-foot long Persian cat tail, her black and white streaked hair hung in an intricately braided rope over her right shoulder. Her pointed ears twitched, and she balanced her empty tray on her hip as her green, feline eyes studied me with amusement. “Why do you insist on wearing those shades inside?”

I smiled. “They keep me from being blinded by your beauty.”

    Lightning blasted the ruined ground, briefly illuminating the blackened sky the being floated in; writhing; whipping tendrils spread forth as far as one could see, forming a nauseatingly undulating shroud over the horrible place. Its pale face floated in the sea of shivering black; the hunt was almost over, but the cycle had only begun.

I’m sorry!”  Tears steamed down her face.  Her words were muffled by her sobs.  “He’s a really wicked man and that’s all I know!

John walked into the kitchen carrying Emma's trophy. "I thought this would be a good housewarming gift for Emma." He waited for Sarah Jane to tell him what a remarkably stupid idea it was to give Emma something that already belonged to her. "I can't think of a better or more thoughtful gift, John. You give it to her. Emma will appreciate just how special it is if it comes from you."

There’s three of them, two men with guns and a crazy woman,” Alley told him, getting out of the car and holding onto the door for support.

For your own good, you must.” By her expression, I knew she was deliberately holding something back.


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