Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet Dick Moomey author of The Valley of Good and Evil

Who are you?

I am Dick Moomey, an author and former educator who lives in Ballston Spa. Since retiring, I have written a series of thrillers. My latest book, “The Valley of Good and Evil,” was released Aug. 15 and published by World Castle Publishing. It is available in print and e-book via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What is the gist of the novel?  The Valley of Good & Evil

The small village of Valley is entrapped by a horrible crime, placing all its citizens on red alert. Their police chief has been murdered, his eviscerated body found propped up against a cemetery tombstone. Even more mysterious is that on the back of the monument someone scribbled the three-word sentence: “Ken Black Knew.” Ken has been dead 10 years, the victim of a horrific, fiery accident on nearby Storm King Mountain. Hometown girl, attorney Amanda Black, is on her way back to her roots, determined to find some answers to the chief’s murder, but even more, to investigate the reasons behind her father’s name being used in connection with the murder.

Where did you find inspiration for this plot?

I had a plotline in my mind that paralleled my appetite for unusual thrillers. I started with a setting of an area I was familiar with and then expanded this to include a wide variety of characters, most of whom were under the thumb of a madman.

What other projects are you working on?

I have several more books waiting to be published, including “The Saratoga Connection,” and one I am currently writing that centers on a gang of jewel thieves plotting to invade the royal houses of Europe to make the contents their own. The story starts in the U.S. with many twists and turns before moving to Brussels, Belgium, and the first royal house, the House of Brabant.

How have you been spending your time when not writing?

Like most writers, which is sometimes a solitary life, I spend most of my time, besides writing, trying to market my books and get the word out to potential readers. I have had five books published, (including the upcoming one). My wife, Joan, and I spend time traveling, attending cultural events and being amused by the antics of our six grandchildren


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