Friday, September 13, 2013

Meet Jeff Horton author of Cybersp@ce

World Castle: When you are getting ready to start a new book, what’s the first thing you do?

Jeff W. Horton:         Brainstorm. As I've written more and more, I've gotten much better at developing outlines,  plot, and characters ahead of time. Whenever I feel like I'm getting a little writer's block coming on, however, I set the outline aside and just write.    

World Castle:   How do you celebrate when you finish writing a book?

Jeff W. Horton: I do my best to tell everyone! It's such a thrill to release a new work, especially when                                               they're well-received.

World Castle:  Have you had any fun fan moments since you became a writer?
 Jeff W. Horton:  Oh, yes. I've had fans approach me at book signings or email me telling me how much they enjoy my work. It does a writer's beaten and battered ego a lot of good to receive positive                                     feedback after some of the harsher reviewers have finished with us.      

World Castle:  If you could have dinner, coffee, or drinks with a fictional character, who would you choose and  where would you go?
 Jeff W. Horton:  I suppose Kate Reynolds, a brilliant and stunningly beautiful scientist from the novel  Cybersp@ce. She may be a beauty, but she's also rather difficult and opinionated. I think I'd                                     have to avoid talking about politics. We'd probably go to a nice restaurant, probably in Las                                     Vegas, since she works in nearby Area 51.

World Castle:  Do you usually begin a book with a character or a plot?
Jeff W. Horton: I start with both, since they are so intertwined.  I strive to give my characters depth, with their own personality, it makes all the difference.

World Castle:  Do you have any hobbies or special interests you’d care to share?
Jeff W. Horton:  I enjoy writing, reading, attending Church, exercise, and time with my family.

World Castle:    What was the inspiration for your book?
Jeff W. Horton: It varies by book. For The Great Collapse and The Dark Age, it was the frequent ice storms we  experience in the South during the winter helped. With Cybersp@ce, my computer background helped, as has the recent cyber attacks from China and Russia, among many others.      

World Castle:  How difficult is if for you to come up with a title for your books?
Jeff W. Horton:  It can be challenging, but I try not to over-think it. Titles are rather important, so I try to be judicious and choose catchy names.

World Castle: Who would play your hero/heroine in the TV or film version of your book?
Jeff W. Horton:  Hmmm. Maybe Tatum Channing as the protagonist, Nick Reynolds. I think he could do a great job of capturing some of Nick's better qualities. Daniel Craig would probably make a great                                     Nikolai Chervanko, the antagonist.

World Castle: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Jeff W. Horton: Just stay with it. Write, write, and then write some more. If you enjoy storytelling, you'll really discover it to be a labor of love!  

World Castle: What jobs have you had on your way to becoming a writer?
Jeff W. Horton: I still work in information technology field; though I'm hoping one day I might write full time.  It's definitely a dream!      

World Castle:  Did you have any interesting experiences when you were researching your book, or getting it  published?
Jeff W. Horton:  I've always learned a lot when researching for my novels. I was actually shocked to learn there was an EMP commission and that they were truly shocked when it turned out that they were as worried as I was about what an EMP attack could do to America.        

World Castle:  Who are your favorite authors? What authors have influenced your book?
 Jeff W. Horton: I like Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, H.G. Wells, C.S. Lewis, and a host of many other writers.    
World Castle:Are you a pantser or a plotter?
Jeff W. Horton: I'd never heard of the term "pantser" before so I had to look it up! I was more of a pantser starting off but I'm finding myself becoming more and more of a plotter as I write more. It                                     enables me to offer a better, more consistent structure and just fill in the gaps. The outline                                     becomes the truly creative work for me as I develop the storyline.

World Castle:Where does the magic happen?  Where do you write?
 Jeff W. Horton: I do most of my writing in the living room, though the most productive writing takes place when the rest of the family's gone to bed.     
World Castle: Aside from writing, what do you do in your free time?
Jeff W. Horton: Free time? What is that?       

World Castle:  Do you prefer print books or eBooks?
Jeff W. Horton: Print, definitely.         

World Castle: What's in the works for you?
Jeff W. Horton: Well, once I finish out the Cybersp@ce Trilogy, I'm not sure.  I've got several ideas percolating, so I'll have to see what gels.


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