Monday, October 1, 2012

New Releases

Cherokee Rose
By Susan Weekley 

A simple doctor’s visit turns into a disaster when Deputy Sheriff Maria Hinton’s stepdaughter Molly is kidnapped. Sheriff Jake Brewer joins Maria and her husband as they search for the child. Following leads, their adventure takes them to the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma and the mountains of northern Alabama. Will Maria be able to bring her new family back home safely? 
Suffering from blackouts, Trina Hinton returns to Evergreen, Alabama to see her daughter. When she discovers that she has no visitation rights, she abducts Molly. Reaching her hideout, Trina succumbs to another blackout and loses reality. Are the blackouts a result of recent tragedies in her life or because of and Indian curse that was placed on her family generations ago? 
Ollie Hinton’s trust in his new wife’s judgment is shaken when his daughter is stolen while in her care. To make matters worse, the woman responsible is his ex-wife, a woman known for her violent temper. Will Ollie be able to find his daughter before Trina harms her?

By G. R. Holton
We travel to the farthest planetary system in the known universe. It is the Heledrium system. This system is comprised of nine different planets. They all have their own issues, gravity and climates. But they also share some of the same problems. Between pirating on the trade routes and attempted takeovers; the Council of Elders have decided it is time to form an elite fighting force known as the Guardian’s Alliance.
Each planet will provide one elite member selected for their unique abilities. The Alliance’s mission is to halt the piracy, negotiate treaties, and give assistance to any of their planets in need.
Follow the Guardians on their missions as they attempt to maintain peace throughout the Heledrium system. 

Force of Knight Magic
By Kathi S. Barton
It is preordained that Holly and Phil are to spend their lives together as mates. He's ready but rogue vampires, his knighthood, her brothers and Holly's job are standing in their way. Not to mention Holly herself is resisting the inevitable. His charm and love for her notwithstanding.

Can they overcome all and come together?  Can Phil's special abilities keep her from harm?


  1. Congratulations guys!! Best of luck. :)

  2. Good luck to all of you with your new releases. I hope they enjoy all the success in the world! Linell Jeppsen