Monday, January 2, 2012

Great books to start your new year with!

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Dane Wallace's psychic vision of a murder keeps her parked on a park bench night after night in order to rescue a hapless victim-a man whose face she can't see clearly. Her intensions are to rescue the man and get back to her private life.

Jamie Grant, a strong, handsome college professor, is unaware of the danger lurking around the corner. He's taken by surprise by two assailants and an unlikely rescuer, a tall gorgeous stranger.

Dane has had a hard life with people closest to her not believing in her abilities and punishing her for something she couldn't help. Dane may have foreseen the murder attempt, but couldn't foresee the consequences of her interference-losing her heart to Jamie.

The hot sex is great, but can she really trust the man? Will her natural abilities that have caused her scorn and ridicule from others do the same with Jamie or bring them closer together?

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When eight emotionally traumatized teens are reluctantly thrown into group therapy together, nobody wants to spill the inner most secrets that brought them there. Their counselor pairs them up in a buddy system, causing them turn from dangerous vices to lean on each other, and they discover strength in their shared pain.

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A dark spirited monk commits murder... The Eye of the world, a doorway between realities, sinks beneath the dark water, lost and forgotten for generations... The order of the dragon declines, knowledge of the ancient lore fades and the prophesied time of darkness descends upon Elysium...The centuries pass. Fascinated, Cory watches the great dragons riding the thermals above his mountain home, the same dragons many believe threaten the community, steal livestock and occasionally kill. And yet he dreams of flying with them. And who is the dark hooded stranger who seems to be following him or the girl who reads his thoughts? And his dreams of dragons... are they dreams or could they be memories? So begins Prophecy as Cory struggles to unlock the Secret of Elysium, a saga of love, loss, murder and betrayal spanning two worlds and many thousands of years.


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