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Author Interview and Giveaway with Lindsay Kendal

Welcome everyone. I would like to introduce Lindsay Kendal , author of Bloodlines and Torment. Soon to be released are Revelations and Leticia. Lindsay is here today to answer a few questions and give away two e-book copies of her book, Bloodlines, an action packed Young Adult Paranormal Suspense. All you have to do to enter the drawing is leave a comment. Winners will be drawn on December 4th and we will forward each winner a copy of Bloodlines in whatever format you require for your e-readers. Remember to enter a comment to participate and your email address so we may contact you as a winner!
Thank you, Lindsay, for participating in this interview and giveaway! I'm sure your fans would love to hear more about you!

Tell us your latest news.

The newly publisher version of Bloodlines is attracting some fantastic reviews. I am currently taking part in two large blog tours and the people seem to be really intrigued by the books. Also, Torment, the second in the trilogy, is due for release on Nov 1st. I can’t wait!

I’m working on Revelations, and I have the first in a new two part series, called, Leticia, currently being published.

When and why did you begin writing?

That’s a long story, to keep it short. I started writing about five years ago. I was 23. I’d had a lot of bad and upsetting things happen to me and as a result, ended up suffering a nervous breakdown, followed by panic attacks and anxiety. I was also agoraphobic for two years. (Not like me at all, since I was a social butterfly). Anyway after becoming more and more bored sat at home I began writing silly little stories, just to keep my brain working. I deleted most of them. But I found writing relaxed me and took my mind off things.

One night, I was lay with my Ipod in my ears, and suddenly the idea for Bloodlines seemed to come to me. I instantly got my laptop out and started typing. My family found out what I was doing, and pushed me to finish the book. The support from them was amazing. Then… the story got bigger and bigger and a trilogy was born.

Now, I’m actually glad I had the breakdown, as I honestly couldn’t imagine being anything other than a writer.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love my music, I have a song in my head or my Ipod playing 99% of the time. Think of the darkest, most haunting and heavy music you can think of. That’s what I play, full volume. (Cradle of Filth especially). I also love visiting haunted locations and going out for drives through the Yorkshire Moors and the Peak District. Those places have so much history. If only those hills could talk, oh what stories they would tell.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I get all my inspiration from music. I put my headphones in and suddenly I’m no longer in the room. I stood with my characters in my stories. My books play like movies in my mind, and then I go and write them down.

I also wanted to write something different to what’s out there at the moment.

What do you think makes a good story?

A well thought out plot. Interesting characters, all with their own unique backgrounds. Kick-butt heroines. A gripping and exciting story.

How do you want readers to feel after they read your stories?

I want them to care about the characters, and remember them. I also want the reader to feel as though they were actually in the book, standing beside the characters and feeling everything they feel. I want people to be able to come home from work, pick up my books and be able to leave everyday life behind and escape into a world of fantasy.

What is your favorite character out of all the books you have written?

Oh now that is a tough question… oh dear. I have three! Keira and Eligos from the Bloodlines Trilogy, and Jackson from Leticia. Who to pick?.... I’d have to say…. Eligos, as I seem to be a bit obsessed with him. He’s actually a real demon according to mythology. He appears in the Key of Solomon and several religions. There isn’t that much known about him, believe me I’ve studied him. But from what I’ve read, he is amazing. I even have his demon seal/crest tattooed on my left shoulder blade.

What influences your creativity of your characters?

People I know and my own personality. Also how I would like people in my life to be. Some of the guys in my books are what I would like to have in real life. They are my book-boyfriends shall we say. But then we have such as Lily in Bloodlines, she is basically my sister Cheryl. Her personality, they type of guys she likes, even down to her obsession with cooking. Keira’s personality is mine, how she handles things in the books is how I would handle them. (Even though sometimes it gets her into trouble). Eligos, is just my dream man, simple as that really.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I’m working on Revelations at the moment, and its coming along rather slowly. I want to tie up every loose end and write the fight scenes perfectly. I’m hoping this book will blow people’s minds.

I’m also getting everything straight in my head to be able to write the second part of Leticia.

What are some of the goals and future plans with your writing?

I really want people to enjoy my work. I want them to want to read all my books. I think that’s every authors dream. I would love to be a best seller, but, I would rather people just enjoy what I do.

I have several ideas for more stories, in fact at the moment I have four. They at having to go on the back burner for now though.

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Thank you Lindsay for the great interview! Remember to leave a comment to enter and be sure to leave your email address so that we may contact you if you’ve won!

Congratulations to our winners, Gena and stinsonbooks! They each won a copy of Bloodlines!


  1. Wow! Great interview, Lindsay!! I actually could relate to what happened to you on a very similar level, and how, as a result, became a published author! You are a definite inspiration and a great writer! <3 Joseph

  2. It's nice to see something good come out of hard times. :)

  3. Great interview, and the book sounds wonderful!

    Gena Robertson