Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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When Mercy was six her parents disappeared and her grandparents moved into her home to raise her. Four years later Mercy disappeared, and two weeks after her disappearance her grandparents die of heart failure. Now, twelve years later, Jack and Mia St. Johns think they have found the perfect location for their annual Halloween party. But when they recruit some friends and the owner of the house, James Morrice, to help with party preparations they find out it may be just a little too perfect.

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Cloned from the remains of an ancient Egyptian god, a young man named Horace is sent to Boston's M.I.T. to study molecular biology. After graduation, he is expected to return to Egypt to recreate The Fluid of Life, an ancient elixir capable of eliminating death. The Egyptian government plans to use the magic potion to create an immortal army that will restore them to their former glory as the world's premiere superpower. Horace becomes sidetracked, however, when he falls in love with Jeanne Mosley, a beautiful, but fiesty, co-ed. Complicating matters, his best friend at M.I.T., Thomas Franklin, the son of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, love's the same girl.

After graduation, while attempting to recreate The Fluid of Life, Horace (who changes his name to Horus) resorts to terrorism in an effort to break the will of countries that oppose Egypt's political agenda. Employing his blossoming, supernatural abilities, he returns to the U.S., intending to assassinate the leading candidate for the next presidential election. Before returning to his native country, Horus kidnaps Jeanne, the queen of his dreams.

Based on information given to the CIA by Thomas, an international manhunt ensues, culminating in an attack by U.N. Peacekeeping forces on a bunker beneath the Great Sphinx at Giza. Will Thomas and the U.N. Peacekeeping troops successfully rescue Jeanne? Can Horace be stopped before perfecting the formula for immortality, or will the entire world be enslaved and kept under the watchful eye of Horus, the reincarnated son of Osiris?

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In The Wake Of A Tragedy, A True Love Is Born...

Life isn't easy in the South in 1860. Bree Montgomery's life is set in turmoil by the tragic deaths of her parents. Forced to leave her friends and home in the big city of Charleston, she moves to the small rural town of Willstown, Alabama, to live with her aunt. She now lives so far out in the country that there's not a neighbor in sight. She is convinced that her life is ruined. That is, until she meets the gorgeous, Gabriel March, a young man with a stubborn will and a fiery temper to match her own.

A battle of wills is fought as the two stubborn personalities collide. In the aftermath, they are left with a love so strong that the only thing that can separate them is...a Civil War.

Bree's life is thrown into turmoil again. Will her will be strong enough to survive it? Or will she be thrown into a Desire Everlasting?

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Riley Rosemont loved Savannah Graystone from the moment she was born. All his life, there were two things Riley felt sure of; that Savannah owned his heart and that he belonged in Montana. Life in the icy northern mountains is hard. But her love made him strong. Riley always swore that someday he'd marry that beautiful woman. They'd grow old together. They'd have a family. It was their destiny.

But God had other plans for Savannah.

God blessed her with a gift for music. Angel songs, she called them; pure musical inspiration that flow from her heart to the piano keys. Driven to share that music with the world, Savannah changes her name and runs away to New York City where she becomes a star.

But Savannah stole something very precious from Riley and kept it a secret.

She was pregnant with their unborn son.

Seven years later, on a quiet road in upstate New York, Savannah and six-year-old Ryan are involved in a devastating car accident. In two precious minutes she loses everything. She holds her son's hand while he dies. Ryan's last thought is of Riley. Broken in body and spirit, Savannah exists in a haze of denial and pain. Barely able to move, hardly capable of rational thought, one icy winter day Savannah finds herself back in Montana.

Snow is falling fast, bitter and cold from the oncoming October storm. Her hand is on the door to Graystne Heights, her childhood home. The giant ski lodge has been deserted for years.

But behind her a dog growls.

She isn't alone...

Graystone is Riley's home now and he hates her for leaving. But he hates Savannah even more for stealing away his son.

Ryan wasn't a secret, after all.

Riley knew the truth. And he loved Ryan with all his broken heart.

They need a miracle.


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