Monday, August 15, 2011

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When the citizens of two backwater locales find their family and friends turning up dead, their bodies mutilated and put on display, it's up to State Police Detective Ryan Abbott to find out who is responsible - bringing him back to his hometown and the deep well of personal grief he left buried there. Little did Ryan know, his inner demons are nothing compared to archaic evil which is running rampant through the countryside.

Bear Creek County is home to an eclectic mix of individuals meandering their way through life: the religious fanatic, the All-American boy, the crooked Sheriff and Deputies, and the drug dealer who has them in his pocket. All of these men - and a few more - will find their fates twisted and their lives shattered when a mysterious serial killer lets loose a wave of chaotic and gruesome murders in this sleepy rural area. In the neighboring county sits Pulaski City, a small town with a large case of the growing pains. It has gone from a shipping hub to a party town, a place where the beautiful people go to cavort and lose themselves. Unfortunately for the beautiful people of this backwards little playground, there is a hunter in their midst. His trophy is nothing less than the souls of the young and pretty. Detective Ryan Abbott must find the killer quickly; innocent lives, not-so-innocent lives, and his career, depend upon it. As the investigation unfolds, evidence from the crime scenes suggests a religious and supernatural motivation, one that points to the very genesis of Christianity. Twists and turns abound as the separate lives of these men begin to come together and these unlikely acquaintances find themselves trying to survive as they are used as fodder in a war between good and evil, one that has raged since the beginning of time.

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Mykaela has a secret she's vowed to keep, but hiding the truth about her best friend's death is almost too much to carry. Only one other person knows the truth, Dylan, but even he isn't being completely honest about who he is, or what he is...

When a quiet coastal town is suddenly turned upside down by mysterious murders, someone needs to tell the truth.

Can Dylan outrun his past long enough to catch the killer before Mykaela falls victim to the Souls of the Sea?


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